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We've created this site to offer people legal alternatives to black market anabolic steroids. We also feel it is very important to educate people about the different types of steroids that exist. The key words "legal steroids", is a very commonly searched phrase in the search engines. We want to inform you about the various types of steroids, muscle builders or other anabolic agents that exist in the market place.


Types of Steroids: Some people, when searching, want to know how steroids are taken. Sure, people hear many different things, but unless you look it up,many people don't really know. For this case, we created oral steroids, and injectable steroids pages. The majority of all anabolic steroids are taken this way, each with their own advantages, as well as disadvantages. Along with the injectable and oral steroids, we have steroid powders. We've included steroid powders, because both oral and injectables originally from powders. Not only that, steroid powders are becoming very popular in the bodybuilding community, as home 'chemists' are making their own oral steroid pills, and injectable steroid types.


Other people are looking for the different names of steroids, thus we created steroid names. On this page we introduce readers to the various different steroids on the market, from the top steroids, to the lesser known steroids. The biggest confusion in the steroid community is that there is a steroid chemical name, and also a brand name, which a pharmaceutical company manufactures it as. A good example of this is the pain reliever, Tylenol. Tylenol's drug name is acetaminophen. Many people know it as Tylenol, and would not know the name acetaminophen if they heard it. A few steroid examples of this is Winstrol, which is the brand name for stanozolol. Sustanon 250, the brand name for a blend of four testosterone esters, and Dianabol, chemical name methandrostenolone. The mix up is, because there are many different version of the steroids, and not just one well known brand name (like Tylenol) people will often refer to the steroids by the known brand name (ie. Winstrol) and also the chemical name. (ie. stanozolol)


Next in types of steroids, we have underground steroids (aka black market steroids) and prescription steroids (aka human grade steroids or prescription steroids). These are fairly easy to explain, as prescription steroids are exactly that, steroids which are given to someone in need, by an actual doctor. The steroids were manufactured for a specific illness or reason, and are created by a pharmaceutical company, such as, Organon. Underground steroids are made by individuals, also known as underground labs, which have converted steroid powders into pills or capsules, and into injectable forms of steroids. These types of steroids are quite popular because they are a fraction of the price of prescription steroids.


Our last bunch includes legal steroids, illegal steroids, and natural steroids. "Legal steroids" can mean two things, #1) anabolic steroids or near anabolic steroids strength products which are not yet banned by the FDA. #2) Or "steroids" that are obtained through a legitimate medical practitioners prescription. Legal steroid supplements are often newly discovered 'tweaked' steroids, or powerful non-steroids, that are introduced quickly, before the FDA can ban them. Illegal steroids are just that, illegal steroids. Illegal steroids were either obtained without a prescription, or purchased from black market dealers. Typically illegal steroids are not even witrth the money since the user can never be sure exactly what is in the product. Last but not least, natural steroids. In this small section, we give insight for people looking at ways to get the physique they want, absolutely natural.


It all seems a bit confusing but hopefully we cleared up the different meanings for you through out the site. The for as long as human beings have engaged in sporting activities and competitions there have been powders and mixtures tinctures designed to enhance their performance or endurance. Anabolic and androgenic steroids came into wide use by athletes and bodybuilders due to the effects on performance and growth. In 1991, the United States made the possession of or sale anabolic steroids without a prescription illegal. At that point athletes and bodybuilders turn to other sources among which was the practice of purchasing underground steroids made from steroid powders shipped into the United States or mixing their own by combining the steroid powders with other mixtures to prepare them for use.


Steroid powders are generally unavailable within the US and normally obtained from countries such as China. These powders tend to be lighter to ship than the premixed steroid vials.


Whether people agree the reasoning or disagree, there is generally a reason to classify any drug as controlled or illegal. In the case of anabolic steroids often used by athletes or bodybuilders, the negative side effects can be significant. Especially in the case of users under the age of 21 where complications such as formation of growth plates affecting height can be inhibited, as well as irregular moods due to the dumping of additional testosterone compounds contained in the steroid powders into a body already saturated with testosterone.


In addition, all users of anabolic steroids may suffer from heart irregularities, high cholesterol, liver disorders as well as certain sexual and reproductive issues.


The dedicated athletes and bodybuilders who believed the risks of steroids were worth the gain began to purchase homegrown steroids made from steroid powders. Use of anabolic steroids is not continuous but instead taken in steroid cycles of up to eight weeks with breaks in between.


Steroid powders are not ready to use and they must instead be prepared for injection or oral use. It has become common practice for some suppliers to sell steroid conversion kits for steroid powders sold. However, there are some considerations to these homemade steroid compounds. The most popular steroids for athletes require a syringe and injection into the muscle, and preparations of these mixtures must be completely sterile. Pharmaceutical companies are held accountable for the product they manufacture, and have strict quality controls and sterility guidelines for steroids made for human consumption. Homegrown steroid labs producing anabolic steroids from steroid powders have no such answerability or sterility controls. An inexperienced person-mixing steroid powders with sterile water and no experience in sterile techniques is an accident waiting to happen, because these drugs go directly into the muscle not processed by the stomach as with oral dosages. Even in the case of steroid powders used to make oral steroids with do-it-yourself method, the resulting drug may not be of a consistent dosage.


The practice of selling fake steroid powders has also become more prevalent as can happen with any controlled substance because there are few authorities that a person could complain to concerning the quality of a controlled substance.


In conclusion, those steroid powders might be easily available on the Internet because there are countries where sale of steroid powders is legal, but in the US and Canada steroids used for bodybuilding or performance enhancement purposes are illegal and the consequences for possession may be severe. In addition, there may be few if any quality control measures built into the production of the steroid powders, or the mixing of the injectable steroids or oral steroids.


Legal Steroids, Designer Steroids & Prohormones: There is always a lot of buzz about anabolic androgenic steroids, but today there’s a new buzz, legal steroids. Many steroid sites and online pharmacies are offering a variety of legal steroids like prohormones. But are legal steroids too good to be true? And is the buzz all for nothing?


Under the United State’s Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 1990 anabolic androgenic steroids are a controlled substance, defined as any hormonal substance or drug related to testosterone. It does exempt progestins, corticosteroids, and estrogens. 


The act underwent some modifications in 2004 and so now we have the Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2004. This new law added the following to the controlled substance list - prohormones, androstenedione, tetrahydrogestrinone, as well as other chemical substances. It increased the punishment to a felony. So are prohormones legal steroids or illegal steroids? You’ve got to admit the whole thing is just a tad confusing. Let’s look further at just what a prohormone is. A prohormone is a precursor to a hormone with hormonal effects. An enzymatic process converts prohormones to hormones. Once the prohormones are ingested they are metabolized into the hormone testosterone. As a result they are able to bring about both strength and muscle gains, exerting almost the identical affects as anabolic steroids. 


Prohormones are a precursor to steroids. This makes them just under the radar of regulated substances, and it certainly makes for some confusion since the World Anti Doping Agency dubbed them “the functional equivalent of steroids.” They also concluded that prohormones pose a serious health risk to those that use them, stating there is little difference between prohormones and anabolic steroids. 


Prior to the changes in 2004 prohormones actually enjoyed the status of being legal. They had become very popular with athletes and bodybuilders who had backed away from anabolic steroids because of the heavy legal penalties associated with them, instead moving towards prohormones because they were legal with almost the same benefits. 


Just take the Mark McGwire case. Mark used androstenedione when it was still an over the counter supplement. Androstenedione fondly referred to as McGwire’s home run pill, was actually manufactured as a dietary supplement. It was used by many major league baseball players during the 1990’s, but it is now a banned substance, even in the US military. 


Legal steroid analogs come under the Federal analog act and pertain to controlled substances on Schedule I and II. The Controlled Substance Act classifies a compound that is similar in effect and structure to a controlled substance, as being a controlled substance. What does this mean to you? 


It means if you are sold a steroid analog and you are told it is legal you better start questioning because under this act it would be an illegal compound, at least if it has chemicals that are similar to an anabolic steroid. And if does not contain any of form of chemicals that act like a steroid then you’re being sold a bill of goods otherwise known as being ripped off. 


A common question that arises is whether it is legal or illegal to buy steroids online from one of the many internet pharmacies that operate outside the US. The answer is yes and no. Without getting into a whole bunch of legal mumbo jumbo it can be summarized like this. The FDA law allows you to buy a 90 day personal supply of medication and anabolic steroids are a legitimate legal prescription drug. 


But wait not so fast. The Drug Enforcement Agency states "For a prescription to be valid under federal and state law, there must be a bona fide doctor patient relationship, which is defined by a physical examination in most states. “Completing a questionnaire that is then reviewed by a doctor hired by the internet pharmacy is not considered a doctor/patient relationship.” And “if the prescription drug is a controlled substance and the drug is being imported into the U.S. from a foreign country and being shipped to anyone other than a DEA-registered importer, such transaction is a felony in violation of Sections 957 and 960 of Title 21, United States Code. 


There is some good news here because there are some legal steroid alternatives such as creatine or protein powders, which are not only legal but much safer. These nutritional supplements never require you to have a prescription. They can be easily purchased over the counter and they are not banned from any sports organizations. And they can certainly aid your body in achieving muscle mass and strength. So although legal steroids like prohormones are no longer legal you do have other options.

We've created this site to offer people legal alternatives to black market anabolic steroids. We also feel it is very important to educate people about the different types of steroids that exist. The key words "legal steroids", is a very commonly searched phrase in the search engines. We want to ...