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Vinnie "Big Vin" Delgado

Well here we go once again – another detailed review of my Dianabol cycle. True to form, I try to get into a lot of intricate detail to help those people out who wants all the nitty gritty. Hope you Enjoy! My Stats: I’ve been lifting for 5 years now – started about 29 I’m almost 34. I am a hard gainer. No matter what I ate, I never gained a pound !! I bring up this point up for any younger guys reading this (anyone under 21!) – I DO NOT advocate black market anabolic steroid use to anyone under 21, irrespective of how long you’ve been training. I just think it’s pointless as your body has so much capacity for growth on its own with proper diet & nutrition. Just my own opinion. This was my 3rd anabolic cycle: first Deccabolan "DECA" , than Anadrol "DROL" ,and now the big daddy of the list… DIANABOL! I actually have a bottle of liquid Test ready to use, but seeing as I had a bottle of perfectly good Dianabol by Muscle Labs sitting in my treasure chest, I thought it wise to use it on its own to see how I reacted to it, before stacking legal steroids together. I ran my last cycle of Deccabolan + Winsdroll in Sept-Oct of 2012 as a recomp, followed by a Clen run to get ready for summertime. With summer at an end here, I wanted to run a lean bulk and with quite a few anabolics on hand, I figured I’d give D-BOL a run. After much reading & prep, I was ready for it. I’ve been running Growth Hormone Peptides for the last 3 months as well – GHRP-2 and Mod GRF, dosed at 100mg each, 2x daily. I’ve been running this primarily for anti-aging purposes, secondarily for joint & injury repair, thirdly for fat loss (or maintenance, rather), and fourthly for any carry-over anabolic effect it might have on muscle mass (which it did slightly in those 3 months but nothing huge). Moving into this cycle, I upped my GH Peptide dosing to 3x daily, adding a shot immediate post workout (or sometimes after my ‘big’ muscle group workout, before moving to smaller accessory). You need to wait 30 minutes after your shot before protein ingestion and an hour for carb & fat ingestion. Hence by taking my shot right after my workout, I’d wait 30 mins then slam my protein shake at home). Diet & Training My regular ‘summer’ routine (the last 6 months) consisted of morning & evening cardio, and a 2-hour weight session around noon. I probably didn’t need to do so much cardio, however I DID drink all summer long every weekend, so the cardio kept me lean & fit, plain & simple. Food & diet have otherwise always been spot on. I was training up to 5 hours a day most days on this cycle… For this cycle, OBVIOUSLY I dropped out the alcohol, and dropped out one of the cardio sessions entirely. The morning cardio session I still did, but not as intense. With each progressive week, I eased back the intensity of the cardio even more, so by week 3-5 I was really only walking at a moderate pace at a very shallow incline. I’m OCD with my cardio and actually love doing it (clears my mind) so I kept it in my regime, but very light so as not to hinder my gains. Only change to my diet was to increase my intake of carbs by adding 1 cup of steamed broccoli to 2 of my post workout meals in the afternoon. Also the fruit I added into my blender shakes. Other carb sources included ¾ cup of oats for breakfast after cardio, and beans (red kidney, chic peas & lentils in my chilli I ate 2 meals a day). I wasn’t going to reinvent the wheel on this cycle and I only wanted to LEAN bulk, not blow up. By keeping my diet relatively unchanged I think I also got a better gauge on how much the M-drol was actually working. I still allowed myself 1 cheat meal a week. Sometimes cookies & ice cream, other times a pizza, or whatever I was craving. This was no different to the last 6 months when I keeping very lean & fit. I’d also have take-away Thai food once a week; other than the sodium level in it, not an issue. Also cut out ALL stimulants while on cycle. Goodbye coffee, stimulants, PWOs, boosters, aids, EVERYTHING! For those wondering, this is to keep your heard rate & blood pressure down, as the PH will increase both. Plus you want that extra KICK when you head into your PCT to help smash the workouts and keep your gains, when you all your stims back into your diet. Also became a blender junkie! Hadn’t used mine in AGES – SO glad I did. I looked forward to every shake with eager anticipation… they were seriously like dessert a couple times a day. For those looking for a delicious shake try: -1 cup almond milk (unsweetened) -1 cup egg whites -1 cup frozen mixed berries (raspberries, strawberries, blueberries) -1 banana -Protein powder of choice – post workout, isolate + concentrate daytime, casein night time (Vanilla flavour for the protein) -2 scoops Vitargo S2 (if post workout shake OR if you want to add 60g extra carbs) -option to add ice to make it thicker if needed Training & Recovery Trained every day, period. Chest, Delts, Arms, Deadlifts, Calves & Abs were all trained 2x weekly. For Chest & Delts I’d have one ‘heavy compound’ workout and one lighter ‘intensity & volume’ (shorter rest intervals between sets, but slightly less weight) workout. Arms were annihilated twice a week straight out. For Biceps, one workout mainly focused on the Biceps themselves and finished with Brachialis, while the second workout mainly focused on the Brachialis and finished with Biceps movements. Saturday was my only ‘day off’ where I only trained Abs & Calves, and did cardio. So technically I trained every day, but the Saturday workouts are easy (to me) and don’t require much mental focus. Sunday through Friday were all brutal workouts… Several days I’d workout twice a day – heavy compound movement around noon, then back again around 5 oclock to workout the smaller muscle group that day. I know what you’re thinking – OVER-TRAINING....but overtraining seemed impossible while on this Muscle Labs Dianabol !!!! I’m in a bit special of a situation where I work from home, make my own schedule and really don’t have to work much, if at all. I was also getting 10 hours sleep most nights, and if I had to settle for 7-8 hours a night, I’d take a 1-2 hour nap those afternoons after my big weight session before getting up again, eating, and heading back to the gym. Kind of living the life of a paid bodybuilder – the only real focus I had each day was the gym… or at least for the ‘hard work’ – still had tons of stuff going on otherwise on a personal level. Hence, with 10ish hours sleep a night and great nutrition, I can wager to say one can get away with training every day while on a strong anabolic. I could say that there was some slight strength increase, but in my case it wasn’t noticed much. After 20 years of lifting I know that my joints & tendons are the limiting factor in a lot of my lifts. Furthermore, even though I can lift heavier on most exercise I’m focusing on stimulating the muscle for growth, not trying to feed the ego. So my form is spot on perfect, I don’t cheat at all, and I use a slow(ish) and controlled contraction for pretty much all my lifts for all muscles. So although there ‘could’ have been some massive strength gains from the M-drol I wasn’t pushing much past my normal lifting weight. I just increased the hell out of the volume. 20+ sets for big muscle groups and 12-15 sets for smaller ones. Muscles like Calves & Abs I don’t even count – I just spend 30-40 minutes annihilating each with barely any rest between sets and call it a day. Regular Supps Testabolic PCT + milk thistle + Grape Seed extract (loaded 2 weeks prior & maintained until end of PCT) Hydrolyzed Isolate (post gym), Whey Isolate + Whey Concentrate (mid-day shakes), Casein (before bed) Vitargo S2 – 1-2 scoops pre-workout, and 2 scoops post workout with hydrolyzed isolate shake Orange Triad – Multi 2x daily Vit C, Vit E, Cal-Mag, CLA BCAA 8:1:1 + Leucine powder (taken throughout the day) L-Carnatine, L-Tyrosine – energy & neurotransmitter aid Glocosamine, MSM – joint relief Taurine – for back pumps Cycle ====== Dianabrol: (taken with 5g Fish Oil and 1g Krill Oil) W1: 1/day W2: 2/day W3: 2/day W4: 3/day W5: 3/day (3 days) **Note: As you’ll read in the details below, I had virtually NO sides, hence I increased my dose to 30mg in the 4th week to gauge how it went. Still had no sides, so stayed on the cycle another 5 days. In the 5th week had any sides started to show up I would have stopped the cycle there & then and started my Testobolic PCT by Muscle Labs Peptides ======= 3x GHRP-2 (100mg) + Mod GRF 1-29 (100mg) Dose 1: First thing upon wake-up before cardio on empty stomach Dose 2: Immediately following workout (no food in system for past 60 mins, and wait 30 mins before post workout shake) Dose 3: Before bed on empty stomach PCT (regular PCT run for 4 weeks; Natty T boosters & AI run for 8 weeks) ======================================================== First and foremost---TESTOBOLIC. Always restore my erections fast and it's effectiveness in testosterone level restoration is just obvious. *All ‘Regular Supps’ listed above *Same Fish Oil + Krill Oil dosing taken 3x daily *Same Peptide dosing schedule (3x daily) for 4 weeks, then dropped to 2x daily thereafter SERM: Tamoxifen Citrate: 40/20/20/10 Isa-Test GF + D-Pol (taken pre workout) – both run for 8 weeks PES Erase – Aromatase Inhibitor (started week 2 PCT and run for 6 weeks) Phosphatidylserine for Cortisol control – 3x daily C-bol + Creapure powder + PWO mix (from bulk mix): AAKG + Beta Alanine + Citruline Malate + 200mg caffeine Mucuna Pruriens + Tongkat Ali + GABA Powder (taken before bed) Side Effects ========== Hardly any! By Week 4 when I upped the dose to 3 day, the lethargy really set in. After a few days I adjusted but for the first 3-4 days it was pretty brutal. Also don’t take any pills after 6-7pm if you want to be asleep by midnight. Made the mistake twice taking a dose around 9pm… and couldn’t fall asleep until 2am. Didn’t notice any mood swings or ‘roid rage’ – felt as calm as I normally am… actually I was probably even more calm than normal on account of lethargy. Unlike my Deccabolan + Trendrolic cycle, no hair loss (beyond what hair naturally falls out in the course of a day). Definitely got some acne – a couple random small pimples on my face, and some on my back but thankfully not those huge red welts, just white heads, usually around where my scapula would rub against the bench while lifting. Also some very slight acne on my delts and chest. Still didn’t like it though as I’m down on the beach most days… Sex drive was soaring for the first 2 weeks, then tapered off slight in week 3-5. Actually my libido seemed to drop off a bit in week 3 (although still there), then came back again stronger in week 4 & onwards. In all I’d say a ‘slight drop’ in libido but nothing major – had no problems having sex or maintaining an erection – all good on that front (unlike the Deccabolan + Trendrolic cycle which dropped my libido quite a bit from weeks 4-6). Never had any back pain from pumps. Granted I took taurine most days, but even on rare days where I might forget to take it, never felt anything. RESULTS: Starting weight: 172.5 lbs Finishing weight: 203 lbs All of new muscle, while visibly leaner, but I wasn't even trying to cut body fat, I was aiming for a lean bulk and weight gain. All in all, I DEFINITELY put on some serious size! I’m bigger, harder, more defined & with better separation than before. Also slightly leaner than before, which considering I was doing less cardio and eating more food, is awesome! I’m still wearing 31” waist pants, yet now fully stretching my XL t-shirts. Everyone clearly knows something’s up which I think is hilarious. Buddies are jaw-dropped at the size I put on in a month, as I wasn’t a small guys before. Thankfully I don’t work in an office anymore where I need to answer to co-workers about it. Not sure if this a good or bad effect but I can’t touch my back anymore! LOL Meaning, before I could still rotate my arms enough to get coconut oil on most of my back except for maybe the very middle part (remember, I live on the beach – I’m down there most days!). By Week 3 of my cycle I can barely touch my back! I can get the tops of my traps and the very sides of my lats, and lower back. Seriously lost the ability to touch 70% of my back (relative to before). Also feel that my shoulders have lost a huge amount of ROM despite all my stretching, namely being able to rotate around to touch my back. Maybe the delts grew that much, or the ligaments were just that tight (although never any pain) – dunno. One of my chest workouts in Week 4 was crazy – I had my ‘high volume + intensity’ workout (ie: not my heavy compound chest day) – got home, had a shake, had a shower and when I got out I noticed a HUGE red stretch mark down the left side of my chest along the outer pec line. AWESOME! I’ve NEVER had that before… I was very pleased. Final Verdict ========== What can I say… all in all this product is AMAZING! Giving this product '10s' across the board might seem extreme, but I stand my ground. The ridiculous gains I got, virtually no sides, no complications, overall value... beats every other legal steroid I've tried to date hands down. To mention again, adding 30 lbs to my frame after only not even a 12 week cycle, while also losing bodyfat was ridiculous. I haven’t gotten my blood work done yet so I can’t comment on any of those values, but I feel amazing. For anyone who already has 3+ legal steroid cycles under their belts with minimal or no sides, Dianabol could be your next step. I certainly would NEVER recommend this product to a novice legal steroid user or anyone under 21. But for those the experienced veterans out there… it’s ‘WOW’ in a bottle. For whatever I paid for this… maybe $50, it baffles the mind how ‘anabolic supplements’ can be twice that price and do nothing yet a tiny little M-drol bottle can pack that much punch. For VALUE you simply can’t do better. But for your own safety, health and longevity, DO YOUR RESEARCH AND PLAN YOUR CYCLE PROPERLY! Don’t skimp out or cut corners. Hands down the best cycle I’ve run to date – VERY impressed with M-drol (aka: Superdrol) – couldn’t have asked for more realistically, especially given that I was still doing cardio daily, didn’t change my diet much and was only after a lean bulk. Now I’m VERY much looking forward to trying out my next product which will be "DIANADROL" by Militant Muscle. Let me know if you have any questions, I’ll help how/where I can. No side effects. The PCT was probably not required. And 30 days after this cycle I feel awesome.....no drop in hormone levels or anything.....I fel great and kept my gains !

Well here we go once again – another detailed review of my Dianabol cycle. True to form, I try to get into a lot of intricate detail to help those people out who wants all the nitty gritty. Hope you Enjoy! My Stats: I’ve been lifting for 5 years now – started about 29 I’m ...

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Vinnie "Big Vin" Delgado

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